Used Bikes

nieces on bikesThese are some (not all) of the used bikes we have for sale. This page is updated weekly, so please inquire if you don’t see what you’re looking for.

We sell a wide variety of used bikes. Used bikes generally fall into 3 categories, As is (no warranty); with a safety tune; or fully refurbished with a 6 month guarantee.

We buy our used bikes from our customers, and then service them. Perhaps you’d like to sell us your used bike.

TREK Wasabi 14″ $185.00

The Trek Wasabi 1 is a cruiser bike with… more info

Trek 1000 56cm $545.00

I personally road this bike just the other day… more info

Giant Iguana 19″ $325.00

This is a real winner right here… A real… more info

Trek Multitrack 17″

The Trek Multitrack. Comes with wheels and gears. $275.00.

Kids bikes

Probably the best thing about these bikes is how… more info

50cm Scott Speedster $825

Very, very light.