Used Bikes


These are some (not all) of the used bikes we have for sale. This page is updated weekly, so please inquire if you don’t see what you’re looking for.

We sell a wide variety of used bikes. Used bikes generally fall into 3 categories:

  • As is (no warranty).
  • With a safety tune.
  • Fully refurbished with a 6 month guarantee.

23″ FUJI Absolute $315

700c wheels, 3 x 7 index shifting, V-brakes.

21″ KONA Hoss deluxe $625

26" wheel, 3 x 9 index shifting, disc brake.

21″ Raliegh City Lite $365

26" wheels, 3 x 6 index shifting, Front cantilever brake, rear drum brake.

19″ Electra Amsterdam $475

700c wheels, 3 speed internal gears, coaster brake, front generator light.

41cm Terry Symmetry $850

3x8 STI's, 700c rear 24" front wheel.

64cm Fuji Touring $750

3x9 STI's, fenders, rear rack


105 equipped, 3x7 drive train, down tube shifters.

18″ HUFFY nel lusso cruiser $300

26" wheel, coaster brake.