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Bicycle repair. New and used bike parts and accessories. Used bicycles and frames.

Trade in Your Stuff

Citybikes is happy to take any bikes or bike parts as donations. We will offer in store credit (no cash) for good, usable parts, based on current inventory levels and demand. Photo ID is required for all trade-ins.

***Citybikes is not currently buying full bicycles or frames.***


Citybikes thrives on giving used bikes and parts new life. Whether you’re upgrading or cleaning out your garage, we’ll gladly take donations and may be able to offer you credit for reusable quality parts and components.

Please be advised that we reserve the right to pass on purchasing bicycle parts, frames or complete bicycles when they’re not in demand. We consider what we currently have in stock, the condition of the items being traded, and our customer’s needs when making purchases.

The best time to sell anything to Citybikes is typically weekday mornings. If you are selling a large quantity of parts, or if you arrive at a busy time, we may ask you to drop them off and give us a day or two to find the time to sort and price your items.

State issued photo ID is required. Parts are traded in for credit only. Frames and complete bicycles may be purchased by Citybikes, but keep in mind that all frames and bicycles require a 15 day Multnomah County Police background check. That means that all of our used bikes are vouched safe by the police, and that we will hold incoming property until the bike/frame has been verified as not reported stolen. Store credit is valid same day at either shop, and it doesn’t expire.

Selling Complete Bikes

***Citybikes is not currently purchasing used bicycles.***


Selling Frames

***Citybikes is not currently purchasing bicycle frames.***


Used Parts as Trade-ins

***Citybikes is not currently offering cash or store credit for used parts***