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Bicycle repair. New and used bike parts and accessories. Used bicycles and frames.

Trade in Your Stuff

Citybikes is happy to take any bikes or bike parts as donations. We also can take good, usable parts in trade for credit. All used bikes, frames and components are assessed at 1914 SE Ankeny St. Photo ID is required for all trade-ins.

***Citybikes is not currently buying full bicycles or frames.***

Citybikes thrives on giving used bikes and parts new life. Whether you’re upgrading or cleaning out your garage, we’ll gladly take donations and may be able to offer you credit for reusable quality parts and components.

Please be advised that we reserve the right to pass on purchasing bicycle parts, frames or complete bicycles when they’re not in demand. We consider what we currently have in stock, the condition of the items being traded, and our customer’s needs when making purchases. Please be prepared to take your items to a donation store or private sale if we’re unable to purchase your parts/bicycle. We can direct you if you’re unsure where to go, or how to sell.

The best time to sell anything to Citybikes is typically weekday mornings. If you are selling a large quantity of parts, or if you arrive at a busy time, we may ask you to drop them off and give us a day or two to find the time to sort and price your items.

State issued photo ID is required. Parts are traded in for credit only. Frames and complete bicycles may be purchased by Citybikes, but keep in mind that all frames and bicycles require a 15 day Multnomah County Police background check before payment. That means that all of our used bikes are vouched safe by the police, and that we will pay out only after the bike/frame has been verified as not reported stolen. If you choose to trade your complete bike or frame for store credit, you will receive a bit more than if you decide to take cash. Store credit is valid same day at either shop, and it doesn’t expire.

Selling Complete Bikes

***Citybikes is not currently purchasing used bicycles.***

If you have a bike you would like to sell to us, please bring it to 1914 SE Ankeny. We will put the bike into a repair stand and thoroughly examine it to determine what we can fix and what needs to be replaced. Please be prepared to wait for this process.

Be aware of the following guidelines:

  • Citybikes does not buy full suspension mountain bikes
  • Only rarely, and based on condition, are we able to purchase bikes with steel wheels and/or one piece cranks.
  • Citybikes does not buy bikes sold in department stores, with the exception of some single-speed children’s bikes.
  • The law requires that we hold your bike for 15 days before paying you for your bike. This gives the police time to confirm that your bike hasn’t been reported stolen. We can mail you the payment after this period, or you can pick it up at the shop.
  • Citybikes will probably not give you as much money as you could get by selling the bike on your own, as we will put parts and labor into the bike, and then resell it with a warranty.
  • A valid, government-issued ID is a must for selling your bike to us.
  • You must be at least 18 to sell a bike to Citybikes.

Selling Frames

***Citybikes is not currently purchasing bicycle frames.***

Because bike frames have serial numbers, they are regulated in the same way as complete bikes. The same 15-day holding period applies, as do the ID requirements, and the types of frames we are interested in buying are the same. Retail value is heavily dependent on complex factors such as: rust, damage, wear, desirability, new retail value, parts compatibility, etc.  We are happy to explain our process for you while considering your trade-in, but our offer is non-negotiable.

Used Parts as Trade-ins

Bring any parts you’d like to trade-in to 1914 SE Ankeny. We will study them, and two workers will agree on prices for good, salable items. Many parts are not eligible to be traded in, due to wear, abuse, non-desirability, etc. We do our best to fairly price our parts, and our offers are non-negotiable.

Citybikes will offer a shop credit based upon our assessment of the retail value of the used parts. This can be used immediately, or kept on file indefinitely for use at a later date. Citybikes does not offer cash for parts, nor can the shop credit be redeemed for cash.

You must bring a valid, government-issued ID, and be over 18 years old to sell used parts to us.