Trailers & Trailer Parts


Nothing to see here now, but call to see if our Burley Dee-Lite has been tuned up and is ready to sell!






Being that we recently had to consolidate our 2 shops into one, we no longer keep new trailers in stock. We also currently have a B.O.B. Yak plus trailer in excellent condition and an Xtra Cycle free radical. We will continue to┬ástock used trailers whenever possible. We also have a variety of hitch parts for past and present trailers. If you’re looking to problem-solve your current trailer setup, we’d be happy to assist you, and we implore you to bring in the piece in question when you visit.

We highly recommend looking into Blue Sky Trailers which are built by hand in Oregon, and represent the most durable, effective, and time-tested option for carrying cargo via bicycle. They’ve been making bike trailers for 30 years and we will happily special order one for you if you’d like.

Blue Sky Trailers