Statement to the public

Citybikes has always striven to maintain A) an environment in which any cooperator can work in a safe and accepting environment, free from prejudice and/or discrimination of a person’s race, color, ancestry, place of origin, political beliefs, religion, martial status, family status, physical disability including HIV and AIDS, mental disability, sex, gender, sexual orientation, or age, or otherwise.

B) We also have an additional Respecting Co-Workers and Customers policy:
“Co-workers are equals to be treated as such. Customers and their bikes should not be disparaged, even when gone.
It is hugely important that all workers feel safe and comfortable at Citybikes. Workers should be sympathetic to people’s concerns and avoid behaviors that make others ill at ease. If another worker behaves in a way that makes you feel disrespected, condescended to, or otherwise uncomfortable, bring it to their attention. If you feel it’s necessary, or if the behavior continues, the steps outline in the grievance policy should be followed.”

C) And Prohibition Against Harassment Policy:
“Citybikes will not tolerate any type of harassment, be it sexual harassment, related to class, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, physical ability, appearance, or otherwise. If you feel like you have been harassed, the recommended first step is to communicate directly with the person and let them know which behaviors have crossed your boundaries. In the case you feel unable to communicate directly with the person, or if the behavior does not stop after one direct request for it to stop, it is recommended that you report the incident(s) to the personnel coordinator, or an individual on the sexual harassment response team. Any of these people would then be responsible for following up on the complaint in a timely, confidential and fair manner. See [appendix III] for the full Sexual Harassment policy and process for responding to complaints.”

We do not feel that disclosing personal details concerning staff members respects an organization’s right to confidential process of these policies. We feel that concerning allegations brought against an individual person regarding legal, free speech activities outside of the workplace should be brought to that person directly, through processes which do not violate their 1st, 5th, 6th, or 7th amendment rights of the constitution.

If any persons or organizations feel concerned about conduct at Citybikes, we invite you to request, and are always open to have, meetings of open dialogue. 

With regard,

Citybikes Worker Owned Cooperative
Approved by board members present 4 of 6, with input from owning and non-owning members
October 2012

One Response to Statement to the public

  • Joshua Furtado says:

    I just wanted to say thank you to the staff on 8th and Ankeny. I took my bike in for some significant parts replacements yesterday. It was completed as scheduled and ready to pick up this afternoon with additional work that was completed. I was pleasantly shocked at some of the work and attention that was placed in making these repairs. Thank you.
    PS I’m pleased to have read this blog as it related to some concerns that were addressed recently and reassured me that I should continue to do business with City Bikes!

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