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Regarding our statement: If any individuals or organizations have questions or concerns regarding Citybikes’ response to allegations of conduct, please email us at (this email will be directed to the whole staff). We are available for open dialogue.

Citybikes continues to promote and maintain a safe and accepting space for workers free from prejudice and/or discrimination of a person’s race, color, ancestry, place of origin, political beliefs, religion, martial status, family status, physical disability including HIV and AIDS, mental disability, sex, gender, sexual orientation, or age, or otherwise.

Citybikes as an entity, and with the support of its workers, condemns intolerance, hatred, bigotry, and oppression.

The Citybikes Apprenticeship Program:

Citybikes has hired 5 individuals into the Apprenticeship Program!!! We’re very excited to have Carly, Melissa, Claire, Bryce, and Chris on the team. They’re two weeks into classes with one more before a break until after New Year’s. One of our favorite parts of being a coop is creating access to professional knowledge of bicycle mechanics to those who couldn’t otherwise. These 5 individuals met our criteria and blew away the competition! Congrats!

Winter sales: 20% off all accessories when you take home a Surly for the holidays. This is in addition to the usual perks of a free tune up, 1 year warranty, and an excellent price point.

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