Cycling Resources

Cycling Resources

Bicycle-related links – bike culture in Portland – the best way to find bike routes in Portland and beyond
Raggi di Storia – an Italian site dedicated to classic Italian components
North Portland Bike Works – excellent little bike shop in NoPo
Community Cycling Center – non-profit shop doing good work in NE

Coop-related Links

Free Geek – learn how to build a computer, or just buy one at their thrift store
Peoples Food Coop – awesome vegetarian food coop in SE Portland
Stumptown Printers – quality printing service
Alberta Cooperative Grocery – another cool food coop in NE Portland

Portland Links

Resource Revival – unique gifts and furniture from recycled bike parts
Hawthorne Youth Hostel – youth hostel in SE Portland on exciting Hawthorne
BOLT BUS – Express service for you and your bike to Seattle, Bellingham, and Vancouver, BC!
Tri-Met – Portland transit system

Also, check out our community involvement page for some of the organizations we support.