The Annex – 734 SE Ankeny – (503) 239-6951

Open weekdays 11-7, Saturdays & Sundays 11-5.


The spacious Citybikes Annex sells many things the Repair Shop doesn’t. Bike frames and complete bikes, both new and used are the major ones. Our specialties are touring and commuter bikes. We carry some excellent new bikes from KHS, Jamis, Surly, and Biria.

Citybikes Annex offers a wide selection of reconditioned bicycles for sale: road bikes, mountain bikes, fixed gears, hybrids, single speeds, 3-speeds, tandems, kids’ bikes, folding bikes, etc.  Used bikes are in three categories: as is with no warranty, with a safety tune, or fully tuned with a 6-month warranty against any nuisance.

We are interested in buying good-quality used bicycles at the Annex. See here for some guidelines on selling your bike to us.

The Annex has loads of unique lines of stuff for you to buy: Carradice bags, rainwear, Brooks saddles, trailers, generator lights, Xtracycles, Bike Buckets, and even some books. We’re the only shop in Portland with a number of these items.

We do all repairs during the off-season at both shops, but from April to October, we are too busy at the Annex to stay on top of larger repairs. The Repair Shop, on the other hand, does tune-ups and overhauls all year long. Larger bikes like tandems are the exceptions, and the Annex always has space to devote to these bikes.

All shipments go to the Annex, as it’s also where our offices and warehouse are.


The Repair Shop – 1914 SE Ankeny – (503) 239-0553

Open weekdays 11-7, Saturdays & Sundays 11-5.


Citybikes Repair Shop is most famous for its enormous selection of used parts, which we’ve been selling there since 1990. We have everything from once-ordinary pinch bolts to implausibly lightweight modern components. We specialize in rare, older, and obscure parts: 3-speed parts, French-threaded parts, old Campagnolo components, etc.

Our used parts stock depends on our customers, and we encourage you to bring us your quality used bike parts for sale. See here for more info on selling your parts to us.

We lend tools from the repair shop as well. During shop hours, you are welcome to borrow tools from our loaner selection, and work on your own bike for up to an hour on our sidewalk stands. Our loaner tool system is designed for someone who already has the know-how to complete their own repairs. If you would like some assistance, please visit Drop-in Night at the Annex!

We perform our full labor menu all year at the Repair Shop, including tune-ups and overhauls.