Environmental & Social Responsibility

New Products

In considering which product lines to carry, Citybikes strives to source items from the U.S. and other best practices countries, with quality working conditions. This is especially important in our bag and saddle lines. We are also mindful of the packaging when buying new products – is there an appropriate amount of packaging, and can the materials be easily recycled? We carry a number of locally-made and fair-wage-produced items, and we are most excited to offer Randi Jo Fabrications (Oregon) Carradice (England), Brooks (England), Ortlieb (Germany), and Chrome (California).


Riding bikes every day, we know the impact that our actions can have on the planet. In addition to paper, glass, and plastic, we recycle a large volume of the shop’s metal, plastic bags, batteries, and inner tubes.

Used Gear

By servicing old bikes and reselling them, we are prolonging their lives and keeping them usable for generations to come.  A bike that may be a headache for you to have repaired can often be rehabilitated, and with time, expertise, and a dose of TLC, make a dependable commuter for someone in Portland.

We buy and sell used parts every single day, and we love seeing a neglected derailleur go from the far, dark corner of someone’s garage to the hanger of a well-loved touring bike.

Used parts with little usage left are filed in the free zone, and snapped up by those seeking to use up the parts’ longevity.