Social Investment & Community Involvement

THIS PICTURE IS FROM A VERY LONG TIME AGO… However, we’re always down to help out with community projects

We try to offer open wrench nights throughout the year, and classes in the Winter.

If you’d like to request a donation for your business or event, please stop by the shop, or email

In addition to annual donations, we also make a number of merchandise donations throughout the year. We are not able to donate bicycles, or tune ups, but often make donations of bike buckets, t-shirts, lights, etc.. Donations are reserved for local, and/or non-profit businesses and events.

The Advertising and Social Investment Committee meets once a month, typically the third Thursday of the month. Please take care to make your requests prior to these meetings.

Organizations we frequently donate to:

Dignity Village  – The Pixie Project Bradley Angle House  – Sisters of the Road CafePlanned Parenthood  – Friends of the Columbia GorgePeace and Justice WorksOregon WildRails to Trails ConservancyFlying Focus Video Collective  – Bicycle Transportation AlliancePeace and Justice Works- The Oregon Environmental Council