2015 Class Schedule

This winter City Bikes has put together specific classes designed to aid cyclists of all types. Classes centered on helping people feel connected to and empowered by their bicycles, as well as gaining practical knowledge about their use and care. We feel it is very important share our interest in these fun machines with our community, and, to do so in a detail oriented, no pressure environment that is affordable and easy to access. So please, take a look at what we’ve set up and get in touch! We are eager to share our passions and learn alongside our community. If you don’t see what you expect or need, let us know. In 2016 there will be room for more. Email us at:, and see photo for dates. Starting 11/22/2015.

Class Descriptions:

Bicycle Maintenance

This 3-hour class works directly on participant’s bicycles. Covering common wear patterns, the physics at hand while cycling, and how to durably repair a flat tire with confidence.
Participants will learn to identify major componentry of most bicycles and gain hands-on
experience with their own personal bikes. As time allows, participants will make brake shift and bearing adjustments, and be able to ask professional mechanics specific questions.

Cost is $35 per person


Wheel Building

This two session, 6-hour class offers participants the opportunity to learn the process of the hand built wheel. The course will cover component selection, the physics within durable spoked wheels, and the classic lacing truing and tensioning of cross spoked bicycle wheels.

Cost is $85 per person.


Coaster and Three-Speed Maintenance

This 3 hour seminar will introduce participants to the concepts and mechanics behind the most common coaster brake and internally geared 3 speed hubs: the Shimano CB-e110 and the Sturmey Archer AW. This course will cover the general applications, troubleshooting and wear identification, and will include a hands-on dissection, examination, and reassembly of the AW side-by-side with the instructor.

Cost is $45 per person.


Registration and Fees:

You may sign up for any class in person at either of our two shop locations, or over the phone at 503-239-6951. A 50% deposit is due at the time of registration. If you have questions directly related to classes? Email us at:


Discounts and Extras:

Register for a City Bikes repair class and get extra deals at our shop!
-Bike Maintenance: 10% off new parts week of the class.
-Wheels: 15% off wheel building materials and 10% off new parts week of the class.
-3 Speed: 15% off specific hub materials and 10% off new parts week of the class.

Additionally, two people who register at the same time, each receive $5 off the cost of the course! So grab a friend, and come practice these great skills.


Scholarships and Outreach:

For 2016 Citybikes is working to offer a limited number of our courses for free. Check back for details!



Citybikes strives to offer a sensitive and accommodating environment, free of oppression. We are open to all expressions of race, class, and gender, and we ask that class participants are as well.