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Citybikes Pitches in for the Holiday Bike Drive

This past Sunday Citybikes workers took an opportunity to help the Community Cycling Center’s annual Holiday Bike Drive.

We biked from our shop to Alberta Street where we were greeted by Brian and Gram from the CCC. We walked down to the lair beneath the shop and unearthed amazing kids bikes called ‘Bear Hug,’ ‘Darth Maul,’ and ‘Pearls & Jewels’ to name a few.

For the next two hours we gave them top-to-bottom inspections by making adjustments, greasing bearings; and making sure the bikes were safe and sound for the Bike Drive occurring on December 11th.

This is the second year Citybikes has come out to join in on the CCC’s volunteer program, and it’s certainly not the last!
Big thanks to Brian and Gram for facilitating the evening!

Pictured: Peter, Kathy, Tree, Lindsey, Leigh (not pictured Ashley, Brian and Gram)

November 25th, Responsible Consumer Day

Just decided at today’s bi-annual retreat…